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International relations

Twinning, networking and partnerships: Limoges has taken globalisation fully on board. The town supports associations with international projects, in particular those that are working for development. The town also directly sets up international solidarity actions.

Renowned for its enamel as early as the Middle Ages, Limoges went on to achieve international fame for its porcelain. The town has confirmed its status as the European ceramic centre, attracting researchers and artists from all over the world. The international Francophonies Festival, the La Borie European Centre for Baroque Music, and the European Festival on Infancy also attract many artists.

Twin cities

Limoges signed five twinning charters between 1982 and 2003

The biannual “Concert des Cités Unies” (United Cities Concert) brings together musicians from five of these twin towns to play in an exceptional concert held at the Opéra Théâtre of Limoges.


Partners cities

Limoges forges links with cities worldwide

Their porcelain-manufacturing heritage is more than something in common… it is a precious asset to be promoted beyond their national borders.


UNIC – the European Urban Innovation in Ceramics network of ceramic-producing cities

The legacy of its prestigious past in the field of the “Arts du Feu”, (“Fire Arts” encompassing porcelain, enamel and glass-making) and its new skills in the field of technical ceramics have naturally led Limoges to coordinate the UNIC (Urban Innovation in Ceramics Network): a European network of ceramic-producing cities.

This network, formed in the framework of the URBACT 2 programme, includes nine member cities which share a common industrial and craft-based heritage based on ceramics. Its aims are to protect the legacies on which the reputation of these cities was built, defend jobs, businesses and expertise, invest in order to promote the trades of the future and finally, to stimulate harmonious urban development.


The Ceramic Route

City of Limoges, the delegates of the European network UNIC (Urban Network for Innovation in Ceramics) and those from the Asian cities that share a strong tradition in ceramics, created an international network.


"Tonnerre" Landing Helicopter Dock

Limoges is the sponsor of the "Tonnerre" Landing Helicopter Dock

Commissioned at the start of 2007, the “Tonnerre” LHD is one of the largest in the French Navy.